The Crying Space


Imagine a world that respects human tears. Imagine awareness that tears are a necessary physiological function.
Crying spaces would be as common as restrooms. Everyone would have access to them whenever needed to support physical health and emotional wellbeing.


The Crying Space is here to foster mindful dialogue and crying behaviors that reduce the cultural stigma of crying, for all ages and genders. To this end, we curate and promote research on the science of emotional tears in hopes to cultivate public awareness about the evolutionary and life-sustaining function of human tears.




We are working on curating the available scientific research on the subject of emotional tears, to promote accurate public understanding about the physiology and benefits of emotional tears.

Thought Leadership

We seek to promote cultural and behavioral shifts that support mindful crying, to improve the quality of human health, experiences, and relationships.


We intend to explore and promote mindfulness practices that promote calmness in the mind, the body, the environment and the community of the crier.

Self Awareness

We seek to enable self awareness of personal behaviors during crying, to ensure coherence with personal and professional goals and values.


We regard emotional tears as an avenue toward real-time insight and a path to lasting resilience and resourcefulness for both individuals and communities.


Learn to work with your body, vs against it

What if your body knew exactly what it needed to make you the effective person you want to be? 

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.”

Brené Brown

Image by Danielle MacInnes