The Crying Coach

Hi, I'm Cherie. I'm actually a Mindset and Resilience Coach, but some of my clients call me "The Crying Coach" ... and I think that's fantastic.

I've been a strategist, mentor and coach for close to 20 years. I have a deep passion for helping others cultivate creativity and resilience. Human beings are limitless in their capacities for both, and mindset and resilience are key to realizing that limitless potential. 


Mindful crying can be a valuable tool for building mindset awareness and resilience resources. In fact, when it comes to creativity and resilience, there are certain benefits that only emotional tears can offer.


So I'm here to help you make every cry "a good cry." I curate and promote techniques that make crying easier to do, and more effective.  And trust me: they work.


If you need individualized assistance, I'm here to assist. 

May your next cry be a good one!

Client Testimonials


I've cried more this year than I have my entire life, and it does feel good. I feel like I understand myself and my deepest feelings better. I'm surprised at how quickly it can come on, now. The perspective you've introduced me to has been life changing. Tears are both powerful and empowering. I used to believe the opposite. You are an amazing coach.

Qadiri (Spa Manager, Healing Artist)