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If you are in crisis and need help to feel safe, please consider talking to someone right now.

About Us

Cognitive, emotional and physical resilience is a human birthright. It's something we can learn to cultivate and sustain if we have a brainsavvy POV on how it actually happens. The Crying Space is here to transform cultural understanding of the role emotional tears play in the process.


Navigating modern life puts unprecedented demands on our nervous systems. We're talking more these days about resilience... but not enough about how it's achieved during overwhelm. We have good news for those who are curious: we're built with a superpower for real-time regulation of the nervous system. To use it, we just need some space.

When we're overwhelmed, angry, scared or in pain, we cry. That's because emotional tears exist to evacuate stress hormones in real time. We are the only primate known to have this superpower, and it's time we start talking about it.


Our Promise & Priorities

By socializing the science of emotional tears, we hope to evolve cultural dialogues and promote practices that help human beings thrive in the modern world.

Accurate Science

We're here to curate scientific research on the subject of emotional tears, to promote an accurate understanding of the physiology and benefits of emotional tears.

Mindful Awareness

We're committed to information and practices that promote awareness of the crier's mind, body, environment and community so that crying can reduce — versus increase — stress.

Crying Spaces

With regulated brains and bodies, our thinking and action is more effective. We promote crying spaces in living and work places as well as public areas to help support regulation in real time. 

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