With practice, we can support our nervous system even in the most stressful conditions. All it takes is conscious awareness and a commitment to best possible health. 

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Move from overwhelm to resilience, from anger to peace, from despair to hope.
Mindful crying shifts grief, stress, anxiety, anger, overwhelm, and even numbness.


When our body is communicating overwhelm, it needs our attention proactively

Some things to keep in mind...

III. Education

It's much easier to cry when you understand

Emotional tears play a vital role in helping your nervous system to regulate.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, it helps to know what's happening to your nervous system, and why crying is your body's preferred "release valve" for stress!

IV. Reflection

Don't just think about crying when it's time to do it! Follow us on Instagram for helpful considerations and quotes. That way when it's time to cry, you'll have perspectives to look back on!